'Twas Brillig


Van Dyke Parks answers the general inquisition (viz "author" Mike Eder et al)
on the Beach Boys' reunion and Smile.

"Certainly, I did walk away from Smile. Yet, I am astonished that Brian has been led into a 'The 50th Reunion Album/Tour'. It's a transparent worship of the God of Mammon.

I comment only to combat any doubt that Mike Love delayed the release of Smile by 40 years purely out of a mislaid jealousy. Smile was an obviously good work.

Mike's instrument? An insinuation that I promoted drugs that infected the lyrical outcome. That isn't so. He continues this charge to-date, in a pretext of righteous indignation cloaked in a thin veneer of religiosity ("Transcendental Meditation").

Love should study writers he professes to admire: Dickens; Poe; Conan-Doyle; then cite Beaudelaire; Satchmo; Freud, and a legion of similar creative authors whose civility brought beauty to their times, through deftly talented, although drugged doses.

The outcome of illumination impelled them all — Petty jealousies aside!

This new reunion is beyond mawkishly mercenary! It's an anecdotal height of personal neutrality in an ethical dilemma. Beach Boys may profit from it, minus a few founders.

Yet, revising facts isn't necessary for the progress of profit. I sure wish Brian were here to weigh in. Yet, I'm ready to move on. The windshield is larger than the rear-view mirror. I can't wait to see where their new collaboration will take us all. I wish them the best."


VDP, 3rd day of Christmas, 2011